LTO 6 – Efficient Data Storage Technology

data-storage-image-19Data protection is a critical feature of any organization. It gives reassurance to you to understand that the info is safe with retrieval system and a great back-up. You will find several choices for backing up your information, including an offsite server or using drives which are not joint to save considerable amounts of information. An LTO 6 is another choice which you can use to keep an offline copy of your advice which is both cost-efficient powerful and.

About LTO

Linear Tape-Open (LTO) is a storage technology that runs on the single-reel tape which is of high capacity. This technology was created by International Business Machines (IBM), Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Quantum, who are also associated with the constant development of the merchandise.

The LTO Program promotes the merchandise. The LTO Software has its standards, among which can be the demand that any seller who licenses this technology needs to pass confirmation evaluations for third party conformity. These are evaluations which are conducted per annum. Products which comply with the LTO format have logos for affirmation on tape drives and the information cartridges.

LTO Technology

LTO technology there is progress in the technology through the years and was introduced in the year 2000. The technology is now on the 6th generation and started with generation 1. LTO-6 hence identifies the present and sixth generation of LTO

Progress in the LTO technology from generation to generation focused on distinct facets. Some of the facets contained the content that has been used to create the cassette and the procedures which were used to digitally compress and encode info.

The density of the information bits located on the cassette ‘s length and the cassette when it’s in the cartridge are also problems which were contemplated in technology development. The speed of the tape as it moves through the drive is, in addition, considered. As it enhanced the WORM capacity and encryption of information were added to the technology. Also added was partitioning, which supports the linear cassette file system (LTFS).


data-storage-image-15The sixth generation LTO was introduced in the year 2012. It was an advancement of the preceding generations with a storage capacity of 25 terabytes (TB). The compressed capacity of LTO 6 is a maximum of 625 TB. Before LTO 6 was introduced, the compression ratio for info was 2:1, but with generation 6, the compression ratio is 25:1. The transfer rate of information for the LTO 6 is 160MBps, while the transfer rate of the compressed information is 400 MBps

LTO 6 supports the various attributes which were added to LTO technology as it progressed including partitioning, data encryption, and write once, read many (WORM). LTO 6 is compatible with LTO-5 LTO-4 and. This means LTO 6 can read and write LTO 5 cartridges, and is not unable to read LTO 4 cartridges. So that each generation has the capacity to read and write cartridges in the immediately preceding generation lTO technology continues to be developed and has the capacity to read in the preceding two generations

Benefits Of LTO

Since LTO is an open format technology, it’s been licensed by many well-known recognized and organizations associated with storage of information. It’s caused it to be possible to have an extensive assortment of cartridges and compatible tape drives.