The Ultrium LTO6 Titanic Media Cartridge

ultrium-lto-6-image-6A brand new generation of Ultrium technology uses among the most innovative coating procedure, which accentuated the 6th Linear Tape Open cartridge. Cartridges. Binder which fully enhanced ultra thin layer coating to discharge a smooth thinner magnetic tape layer was dispersed by the best conceptualization of these particle by utilizing really high-quality dispersion. As a component of high-quality Ultrium technology general guarantee to enlarge environmentally maintainable next generation cartridge, the new Ultrium LTO offers a drop off on its impact on the environmental by removing Brominates Flame Retardants (BFRs) of all the reflex parts of the reputable most up to date new variation of LTO Ultrium media cartridges. The 6th generation cassette is a vision by lots of in the data storage business because it uses less electricity to have less of a contact on the environmental than other left magnetic tape storage options. The following generation Ultrium technology is a stronger, greater scalable, best adaptive Open cassette format developed and enhanced by the LTO association address and to help the growing weight of info guard in the all sorts of enterprise server settings.

The LTO6 cassette, offer outstanding more independence to recording exact cartridge info, through the introduction of a smart and dependable 16KB cartridge memory chip (LTO-CM). The improved LTO-CM simply detect the cartridge general operation and farther eases the customers to record cartridge load and unload the past. And hasten the access speed to desired information and help reach the precise place of the files that are archived. Totally designed LTO 6 cassettes, embedded in flexibility reel progress which prevent heart noise with exclusive high, which could result in cassette edge spoil. This really is not false enhancement is significantly essential as the cassette length gets longer and thinner and more easy to use. And additionally cartridge has a long lasting functioning life over 30 years and helping dependable operation when users use these cartridges in Old drives that have aged from exercises that are regular.

The New LTO Technology, media format offers huge storage skill with 25TB in native and 625TB with compressed information and improved its trade speed with 160MB/Sec native and 400MB/ Second with compressed information. The most of businesses and the company all over the world facing tough challenges with rapid growth in corporate and digital info to supervise, defend and hunting for a manner that is consistent to keep information for longer amounts of time. They need more stability to when they’ve been buying backup and storage reducing prices and additionally confronting unpredictable hazards. Supervise the rapid growth, outstanding use of advice and the LTO 6 cassette, totally designed to help these issues and offering a 100% guarantee for future dependability for their companies.

ultrium-lto-6-image-5The LTO Ultrium 6 media cartridge is reliable and complex in theory of higher ability and faster transaction speed with high quality protection of advice that is significant. The Ultrium 6 cassette, are obtainable in distinct brands with LTO association specification and according to requirements and demands. New LTO 6 backup tapes are.

  • Sony LTX2500GN LTO-6 Tape Cartridge TDK-62032 TDK LTO6 Media Cassette.
  • Maxell 229558 LTO 6 Tape Cartridge Quantum MR-L6MQN-01 LTO-6 HP C7976B LTO6 Back-Up Cassette.
  • Fujifilm LTO 6 Tape Cartridge Imation 29080 LTO6 Dell 432 5450 LTO-6.
  • IBM 00V7590 LTO6 Cassette.
  • HP C7976A LTO 6 Cassette.

The data protection is consistently extremely important in almost any media format, the LTO-6 tape Drive, offers more and outstanding protection of information through AES 256 and trusted WORM bit encryption functionalities. Both these technologies used since the LTO 3 and LTO 4 cartridges with LTO. Always performing in this media format that is trusted. Next generation media is, in addition, revealed reputable compatibility with other backwards read and write as well existed the tape drives of Ultrium logs compatibility through previous generations.