Using LTO Technology To Save Company Info Successfully


The growth of business operations has led many organizations to embrace info back up options to recall them as well as to handle their information. It is because the info is consistently at high risk and frequently gets damaged due to human errors, Internet virus, natural disasters etc, if not managed correctly. As a way to avert such conditions that were unusual, many organizations have begun to take the special interest in selecting an innovative type of data storage technology.

Many of organizations all around the world are using LTO technology to save their important company files. The liner or lTO Tape-Open is a magnetic tape data storage technology designed with exceptional storage capacity. Practically all the organizations depend on upon using computers for company performance now. Hence it is becoming a popular choice of many info supervisors within the organizations, as this magnetic tape format functions with the computer system.

Also referred to as Ultrium, LTO technology was developed as a replacement of Digital Linear Tapes (DLT). The tape measures about ½ inch width with an individual reel cartridge. Many have begun to replace their set of DLT since this cassette has the similar layout as compared to DLT. The first magnetic tape format in the LTO generation, lto 1, was designed with the storage capacity of 100 GB. Currently, LTO 5 cassettes have now been introduced in the year 2010 with the double storage capacity of 15 TB.


Aside from storage characteristic, the WORM (Write Once Read Many) characteristics that was introduced in LTO3 tape has caused its popularity among various businesses. This characteristic enables advice to be written but can be read many times by the users without the generation loss. This system prevents erasing of info that is stored thus ensuring storage of advice by third parties with no exploitation. A WORM able drive in the computer system can readily recognize individual WORM ID to be included by the WORM cartridges with every information saved within the cassette.

Then you definitely can contemplate hunting some providers who can give you LTO tapes of generations including, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4 and LTO5 if you’re searching for LTO tapes for saving company information. It’s possible for you to contemplate hunting some wholesale vendors who provide the best data storage option at low costs to you. As a way to contact firms that are reputable, you’ll be able to contemplate using the Internet where stores that are online will help purchase orders to be made by you in the comfort of your house. If you desire to enjoy online shopping of high-quality data storage products from your own house /office or place that is suitable, then browsing the e-commerce sites of data storage cassettes might function as the best choice.

Using LTO technology can help you get your company files that are important for longer time period. So, consider adding LTO cassettes into your media library!